2016’s Top 10 Hollywood films should not miss ..! # 2016Rewind

Tamil films, as we capture the first Hollywood laikkitum in other languages. Rilisakivittana more than 180 films in Hollywood this year. In the approximately 60 films released in India only. Animation, action, thriller, comedy, films intavarutam that Superman stories in which Miss pannakkutata 10 pictures.

The revanant:

Rilisakivittalum in the United States last year, was released in India in January this year. Revanant come out of the shadows of death means. Was nominated for an Oscar five times, Miss. Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar in the film’s end tanvacappatuttiyatu.India released superhit charge. Tanimaiyiliruppavarkalaiyum, life, and those at the top of the empty revanant charismatic image. The film is based on true events and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu adapted the novel by Michael punke. The old story of revenge on the killer of the boy’s father, however, pirammipputtukiran revanant script. Claus patattirkumana of Sean’s karatiyutanana Leo’s stunts.

Jungle Book:

India, with a focus on forests, based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling story. This series on Doordarshan partturacitta what follows on the screen and look for mulupatam kick. Special is that Hollywood films are usually released in the United States released a week later in India. But just a week after its release, the film released in the United States. Melakliyai human species, the female wolf raksa promotes his son.Killing the animals that are at risk of developing the forest melakli serkan beat Tiger. Veliyerinana melakli leave the forest ?, “Bad Boy” serkan’s fate happened ?, place for melakli etuvenpate story. Keeping the snake, bear, monkey, all of that meeting cemaiyana Adventures. The red flower of the forest …. melakli that displays not only the boys, adults nastalajik Best Moment.

The Man Hu New Infiniti:

He was a small man plus-minus calculation kalkulettaraittetum Morton yuts know. Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan’s life veliyakivittalum many biopic films, it’s a little bit special. Hollywood director Matthew Brown, who had directed “The Man Hu New Infiniti” Ramanujan was traveling to London from India describes the final period. Dev Patel compatible with ramanujam naccena every scene.Hardy ramanujattirkumana scene will make the entire image on the display of the dosing understand. Ramanujam Hardy shows his math book. Hardy, “The estimates kantarivatarke celavalikkaventume entire life,” says the book ramanujam come to his second mathematics. Our kavanikkaventiya pages of Ramanujan film with unpredictable speed.


Whites preponderant football game, the first 107 minutes of black Pelé toyvillamal acattiya impossible to script the film’s “Pele”. Although the film is related to the performance of the regular characters, subject to ignite puttunarciyait will merge with the image of ourselves emotionally.How to Pele Edson Arantes do Nascimento became the boy begins, he encountered tragedies, the greatest success beyond all insults script. The other plus of the film music AR Rahman. “Jai Go” here as “Jingga Jingga” and a different level.

The Legend of the Taarzan:

EXCITING dense forests, morattuttanamana animals that threaten forest kattarukal Taarzan the only hero. No one is nerunkamuti impossibly champ. Taarzan is married and lives in the city grew in the forest. The call from the leader of the indigenous forest is coming back Taarzan Congo. Vairattirk subjugate the forest to rescue his wife who thinks the jungle from kiristohparitam payaname interesting story.Alexander miralavaittiruppar Taarzan. Kattippitippatu lioness that old friend, strained to keep the stitches in place to tie erumpinai brothers pirammip the culmination of everything that is human to fight with monkeys. “The forest tarcanutaiyatu. Nobody vilttamutiyatu him. He’ll come to love me, “the love of his wife’s romansum major reason for the success of the film. The final four episodes directed by Harry Potter director David yets’s filmmakers.

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