What’s more enjoyable to come back- Vidya Balan? How Kahani 2 movie?

Vidya Balan’s last starring role in the feature ‘hamari aturi Kahani’, released just a year. But by then convinced a big gap. “Nalaccu evvalo looked good performance, Vidya Balan, who my father?” Big velvet carpet spread out generously into thinking that we say welcome. Vidya through Kahani 2 Is Back!

Kahani, published in 2012, full-term pregnancy is about the story of the woman with the husband hunts. Noting that the second part of its director. He noted that there was nothing more to Kahani 2. Part two is sure different. Kahani begin to see the whole picture so marantuvittup.

Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan), who lives in Kolkata with her daughter Minnie. His legs were paralyzed and has made arrangements to take the United States for the treatment of makalaic. Suddenly comes home one day to finish the job at home is not Minnie. Minnie’s photo on the phone with the information she has been kidnapped. Mitpatarkakac daughter goes to komavukkuc Vidya accidental.

The accident is being investigated Indrajit (Arjun Rampal). Arjun Vidya Vidya’s Diary is available to view in the house. At the same time, the murder and child abduction Durga Rani Singh (Durga Rani Singh will reject such knowledge, but it’s definitely a spoiler. So do not try it) is being hunted as a notice with a photo of Vidya. Who really Vidya? whats going on? Mitippatam the investigation.

Twist will upset us, without any slow-moving picture is the only one to save Vidya. When it appeared that the small drop for the treatment of a kannirileye erpatakivittatu conveying performances, so as to pataru makalukkakap nature. After the accident would be slightly swollen and red giving a shock when I saw his face in the mirror …. vavvv eteccaiyakak Vidya.Keeping up with the high official, wife pacified, as some scenes footage vityavaip investigating everything is impres Arjun Rampal. Consequently tunisa Vidya Sharma, who plays the daughter Minnie, Minnie childhood naisa Khanna, who plays the more special.

Klintan cirijo background music, cinematography by Tapan Basu well atiyansukkuk transmits Phelan for thrillers. But, in spite of the success of the film and its screenplay consists in a thriller. As said before, “argh” Twist surprise you that there is nothing in the picture. There is something interesting in the first half, led the way to what follows, but the twist is shown as are the other things Audience guessed in advance.Backward Ghosh Director cujay the place. Vidya Sinha, Durga Rani Singh as well as the structure of the script moves the two stories together, ‘wow’ factor is going to occur in the absence of both the large adhesion. Help Aidan character, the climax being kanippirkuriyatay ivaikutak Twist disappointed.

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